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Garage Broken Spring Services in Arvada

We can take it for granted that we, at Garage Door Repair Arvada Broken Springs, are the best garage door spring repairs and replacement experts that you can find in entire Arvada! We have years of exposure repairing and replacing both torsion springs and extension springs that have broken in homes and commercial garage doors.

It is very dangerous to try and adjust and/or repair garage door springs if you are not a professional who has been trained in depth for this task. Moreover, they may not have the required specialized tools that have to be used while involved with this kind of work. Another danger is when you continue to use the garage door with the broken spring for it gives way suddenly; it can cause not only great damage to the garage door itself but also grave danger and injury to you!

A broken Arvada Garage Door Repair is the most common complaint that your hear about and the most common repairs required for irrespective of what brand or model may be. Garage gate springs come in many sizes and they act as a balance by bearing most of the weight of your garage gate. This is what makes it possible for them to be manually opened and closed with ease or with the help of a garage door opener.

All brands of Garage Door Repair Arvada have only a limited period of lifespan which is measured in cycles – each opening and closing of the garage gate counts as one cycle. Though there are several lifespan options to choose from, the most common among them come with a lifespan of 10,000 cycles. The replacement frequency of your will depend on how often you use your garage door.

The below table shows the life expectancy for a 10,000 cycle garage door spring depending on its usage:

  • If you use your garage door 2 times every day, its life expectancy will be about 14 years.
  • If you use your garage door 4 times every day, its life expectancy will be about 7 years.
  • If you use your garage door 6 times every day, its life expectancy will be about 5 years.
  • If you use your garage door 8 times every day, its life expectancy will be about 3 years.

Once springs reach its lifecycle, it tends to break releasing all its tension effectively and become incapable of helping to balance. Since the storage door spring will have the maximum tension while the Arvada Garage Door Repair is in the closed or shut position, it is most likely that will break in this position. This is not a rule as there are chances of spring breaking even while it is in a raided position too and when this happens, you can be sure that will come crashing down with a loud noise! This is reason why it is advised never to walk under a garage door while it is in operation.

The Arvada Garage Door Services' is a team of friendly and highly trained professionals with a wide exposure to replacing broken garage door springs. Just call us for replacing your broken storage door spring and judge for yourself of how we fare as a competent and dependable storage door service provider!

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